A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!


Michael lives in Wellington, New Zealand.  He’s a missiologist and priest, and cares mostly about how the Christendom church might move into the post-Christendom era and recapture it’s apostolic white hot passion and become more efficacious and dangerous than it’s been since the first three centuries after Jesus rose from the dead, redeeming us.  Michael is an apostolic, reticently prophetic and passionately evangelical yet expressed and experienced through a mystical Celtic heart after his spiritual father, Patraic.

Michael strives to be a growing and healing wounded healer, who simply shares the journey, especially with the young adults questioning and seeking to live lives that are worth getting out of bed for…daily.   His passion is being a Barnabas to these emerging leaders that they might make their ultimate contributions, to be shade trees for others in their futures also.

Michael is married to Susanne and they have wonderful exceptional sons whom they adore, loving them more and ever more proud as they enter adulthood.  We are proud of who they are and have and continue to choose, will and determine to be.

You can contact Michael at mike.brantley at icloud dot com